This FAQ will be updated as new information is received. It was last updated on:

MAY 5th, 2021

Are appointments available?

Yes. Click on COVID VACCINE BOOKING to book your appointment!

I have a business or school that is interested in having out staff/residents/students vaccinated. Will Eric's RX administer vaccine off site? 

Yes - please email us at for more information. 

When will Eric’s RX receive the vaccine?


We currently have the vaccine and have been administering the vaccines since Dec 2020. OnMay 13th, all individuals in PA 12+ will be eligible for the vaccine. We have a public booking form on our website and it's active when appointments are available. 

Do you have the vaccine in stock?

Our stock depends on what the state sends us and we will only book appointments when we have confirmed inventory, so we don't need to cancel or reschedule appointments. We were selected by the PA DOH as. Covid Vaccine Provider moving forward and expect our first dose  allocation to remain consistent over the next month. We are currently stocking and administering the Pfizer vaccine. ​

Are there supply issues with Eric's RX Shoppe or the State of PA?


I have an appointment scheduled. Will it be cancelled? Will someone reach out to me?

No, your appointment will not automatically be cancelled. If any changes need to be made to your appointment, someone from our staff will reach out. If you do not hear anything from us; your appointment is on as scheduled. Please do not call or email to see if your appointment for 1 week from now is on and confirmed. If for some reason supply doesn't allow us to keep this appointment, we will reach out to you. Your appointment is confirmed once you receive a CONFIRMED email from us.  

How do I make an appointment?

All bookings and forms are available on our website (when appointments are available).You can now walk-in during clinic hours (Wednesday 10-4  / Saturday 10-12). 

You can now book your first dose by clicking COVID VACCINE BOOKING on the top of the page. Appointments are available so please book!

Who gets the vaccine first?

Everyone 12+ is now eligible for the vaccine. 

What vaccine will Eric’s RX Shoppe be given?


Currently, we are only administering the Pfizer Vaccine. We do administer other vaccines occasionally, but right now it's just Pfizer. 

Should I get the vaccine?


Short answer – yes. For any vaccine to be effective, 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated for the vaccine to work as planned. Because all the vaccines are new, there is some data that will have to be reviewed. If anyone has an preexisting conditions or concerns, we will always lean on the side of caution until we have factual evidence it’s safe to administer. Some groups (as of now) that they do not have enough data about the safety of the vaccine are: Children (under 12), people with severe allergies, women who are pregnant, many other preexisting conditions. To stress again, we will advise any patient to wait for more information if we do not have the safety data to make an informed decision.


What are potential side effects of vaccine?


From WSJ Article on Pfzier Vaccine:

The most common side effects found in the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine trials included pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, fatigue, headache, chills, muscle pain and joint pain, according to a Food and Drug Administration analysis released Tuesday. Side effects tended to be more frequent after the second dose, according to the analysis. Among those between 18 and 55 years of age, 16% of participants who received the vaccine had fever after the second dose. Fifty-nine percent reported fatigue, 52% reported headache and 35% reported chills. Thirty-seven percent had muscle pain, 22% reported joint pain and 10% reported diarrhea. Those older than 55 tended to report fewer side effects, according to the analysis.


Will my insurance pay for it?


The vaccine is free for patients. Most insurances (included Medicare Part B) will pay us for the administration of the vaccine. The vaccine is shipped to us at no cost and we cannot sell the vaccine. All patients are eligible for the vaccine and our hope is that each insurance will reimburse us fairly for our hard work, time, and effort involved from start to finish of administering this vaccine.

When would I get my second shot?

If we administered your the Pfizer vaccine, your second dose would occur 21-42 days from your fist dose. 

Will I still need to wear a mask and social distant after I receive the vaccine?


Yes! Until public health officials tell us otherwise, you will still need to follow the guidance put out by the County, State, and Federal government. There is ongoing research to see if someone who is vaccinated and protected can still transmit the disease.

Where will the Vaccine be given?

The vaccine will be given in either Unit C (2 doors from Dunkin...Dr. Cimbak's Old Office) or at our pharmacy. This information will be sent prior to any scheduled appointment. Some clinics may be off site 

I previously tested positive for COVID-19, can I still get the vaccine?

Guidance from CDC: You must test negative and be symptom free for 2 weeks before receiving the vaccine. Additionally, if you received any type of Antibody Regime in the hospital, you must wait 90 days, 

I got my first dose somewhere else. Can Eric's RX Shoppe administer my second dose?


Yes - go to our booking portal and can book your second dose there. 

How can I help?

Given the huge demand, we are accepting volunteers who are licensed to immunize and also volunteers to help with administrative work. Please email us at if interested.

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Why is it so hard to book an appointment on the website?

Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine Booking at Eric’s RX Shoppe from February 15th, 2021


On Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 8:30 AM, we released over 400 first dose appointments for the remainder of February. All appointments were booked within the first 15-20 seconds of being released. This left the bulk of you without an appointment and frustrated with the process. Since 8:30 AM on February 14th, we have received thousands of emails asking if their appointment went through, frustrated and angry with the process, and asking how/when you can book an appointment. Our hope is this statement provides some background about our process and a better understanding of what we are/have been doing to provide as many of these lifesaving vaccines as possible. 


To start off: Numbers. 

This is a complex process to understand but we are a family business as such will do best to explain in so many words. We monitor our website traffic and at 8:30 AM, there was over 15k users on the website. Assuming of the 15k, everyone wanted to book only one appointment (low estimate), that means you had 2.67% of securing an appointment. We are only one vaccine provider in the State of PA.  As much as we would love nothing more than to vaccinate everyone who needs one, it’s just not that simple or possible due to supply constraints and time limitations. As most have done since the Pandemic began, we have adapted our business to operate in a safe manner along with following state guidelines. As such we had to make many changes along with sacrifices to our normal business practices in order to best serve our customers. We have been doing vaccines for many years, but not in this large of a scale. Add in social distancing guidelines for everyone’s safety & only so many can be done. Each day we work on ways to better serve everyone. We have hired many additional staff members since we started vaccinating. Our staff has been working overtime and non-stop to operate our everyday pharmacy along with preparing for each vaccine administration. We fully see the scope of your frustrations and wanted to share some insight from our perspective. Nothing means more to us than maintaining our patient’s happiness, and we are working every day to better serve you and add more appointments. We can assure you our staff has and will continue to go above and beyond to make this all possible. That being said: 95% of our staff is not directly involved on the website or appointment booking process and are unable to provide any other information other than what’s publicly available on our site. 


Website Booking:

Online website booking continues to be easiest and fairest way to manage appointments. We fully understand this may not be ideal for everyone, especially the elderly. With Governor Wolf’s new order, we will have a limited number of appointments each week that will be able to be booked over the phone. We will announce these details in next few days. Everything you see on our website has been developed in the last 8 weeks since we started vaccinating. We have beta-tested many companies, and our current booking site (Calendly) has been the most reliable. Appointments booked on the website are only confirmed if you receive a confirmation email from Calendly with your name and appointment time. If you tried to book a time and the site froze up or were unable to submit, it simply means someone else confirmed the appointment time before you.  Calendly (our booking process) worked how it was designed to work; it unfortunately can’t accommodate every appointment request. We also only book appointments on average 10 days in advance and only make these appointments available once we know we will have adequate supply. We try to operate in an honest and upfront approach. Additionally, we have been vaccinating  for 7+ weeks and proud to say that each week we have done more as well as improved our processes since the beginning and will continue make changes for the better.


Our role/plan going into this: 

When we decided to pursue over 6 months ago, it was with the intention to help our community.  However, this was new to us along with everyone and never anticipated so many people would be eligible for the vaccine before there was adequate supply and enough providers. We know we are only a small part of the solution and are in full agreement there needs to be a better way for everyone who needs vaccine to get it. We unfortunately don’t have the answer to how this is possible or what should/shouldn’t happen as so much will remain out of our control. The only thing we can continue to do is our goal from the beginning. Helping our community by vaccinating as many people as we can in a safe & efficient manner. Our Federal Government, the PA DOH, Montgomery County DOH, and all other vaccine providers are in a very tough position. Our hope is that as time goes on, each entity can work together to figure out a way to mass vaccinate and provide a vaccine to every eligible person who wants one.  Since PA changed 1A to include those 65+ and with certain disease states, we cannot prioritize a group in 1A over another. As long as you meet the Phase 1A qualification, you would have the same chance of booking an appointment at Eric’s RX Shoppe as anyone else in Phase 1A. 


To close this off we realize this has been an imperfect process. We are small independent pharmacy that has been completely inundated with the demand for this vaccine. We will continue to better this process and want to reiterate how much we appreciate and thank our everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to move forward. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in the future. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at At the moment it is not possible to respond to every email but will do our best to get back to you. This message was to let you know we hear and understand your frustrations. For those that feel overlooked or haven’t been able to book an appointment, we are working around the clock to meet your needs from behind the scenes. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope this helps shed some light what’s been going on and our future plans.