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Due to the increased demand of vaccines and time involved, all requests for replacement CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Cards going forward will happen through this link and not through the in-pharmacy team.


The CDC COVID-19 vaccine card is provided at no charge; however, the patient is responsible for shipping/processing costs based on how soon you need the card.

We can only provide you a card for the doses received at Eric's RX Shoppe.

Any other information would need to be filled in from the provider who gave you your other doses.



  • Physical Replacement Card - PICK UP - $5

  • Physical Replacement Card - MAILED - $10 ($40 for overnight shipping)

  • Digital Replacement Card(does not produce a QR code) & PA SIIS Verification(PDFs) - EMAILED - $10

** Turnaround time is 1-2 business days**

All orders must be paid using the link below. You may select multiple delivery methods, check and pay for all that apply.

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